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Ettemad Agro specializes in house poultry farming and contract farming. With extensive networks, we collaborate with numerous farmers to ensure the highest quality of products. Our commitment to ethical practices and sustainable farming makes us the preferred choice for premium meats.


Ettemad Agro is a reputable provider of chilled and frozen MEAT products for a variety of businesses in pan India. Our extensive supply network guarantees prompt delivery and constant quality, satisfying the needs of restaurants, hotels, retailers, caterers and other businesses. You can count on us to transform your culinary offerings across the country with our superior-quality meats.


Ettemad Agro operates in collaboration with multiple frozen meat companies, facilitating the distribution of their products alongside our own. Through partnerships with primary distributors, we ensure the widespread availability of a diverse range of frozen meat products. Our extensive distribution network enables efficient and seamless delivery to meet the needs of customers across various sectors.


At Ettemad Agro, we prioritize maintaining a robust inventory of stored materials to ensure a consistent and uninterrupted supply. Our diligent approach guarantees that our products are always in stock and readily available, regardless of seasonal fluctuations. We take pride in our ability to meet the demands of our customers with efficiency and reliability.


At Ettemad Agro, we go the extra mile to provide exceptional services to our clients. In addition to supplying quality meat products, we offer specialised packaging solutions tailored to their specific requirements. Our blast-freezing facilities ensure optimal preservation, maintaining the freshness and quality of the products. With our comprehensive service approach, we strive to exceed customer expectations and deliver a seamless experience.

Your One-Stop Shop For Premium Meats

Ettemad Agro is a leading meat supply company specializing in the distribution of poultry, mutton, seafood, and eggs.

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