Industries We Serve

Food Processing Companies

Ettemad Agro caters to food processing companies by providing a reliable and consistent supply of high-quality meat products. Ettemad’s meat is an essential ingredient for food processing companies to produce an extensive array of processed food items.

Airline Catering

Ettemad Agro plays a crucial role in airline catering by ensuring a steady supply of fresh and frozen meats. Our stringent quality control measures and timely deliveries enable airlines to serve delicious and safe meat-based meals to passengers, enhancing their in-flight dining experience.

Cloud Kitchen

We support cloud kitchens by offering a diverse range of meat products that meet their specific needs. Cloud kitchens can rely on Ettemad for consistent and high-quality meat supplies, allowing them to create diverse menus and cater to the preferences of their customers.


We also serve hotels and restaurants by providing them with premium meat products. Our extensive product range, including various cuts of beef, poultry, and lamb, enables establishments to offer a wide variety of meat-based dishes, maintaining high standards of taste, quality, and freshness.

Pet Food Manufacturers

Ettemad Agro supplies meat ingredients to pet food manufacturers, ensuring the production of nutritious and safe pet food products. We understand the unique dietary requirements of pets and provide specially processed meat products that meet the nutritional needs of different animals, ensuring their well-being.

Hypermarket Chains

Ettemad Agro partners with hypermarket chains such as supermarkets to meet the demands of customers seeking high-quality meats. By providing a diverse selection of fresh and frozen meats, we enable hypermarkets to stock their shelves with a wide range of options, catering to the preferences and dietary requirements of their customers. Our reliable and efficient deliveries ensure a consistent supply of meats to hypermarket chains.

Your One-Stop Shop For Premium Meats

Ettemad Agro is a leading meat supply company specializing in the distribution of poultry, mutton, seafood, and eggs.

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